FlexHub Live

12' X 8' X 10'

The FlexHub is a beautifully engineered portable retail stand, office/live space that embodies functionality, style, and versatility.Its design starts with a sophisticated sliding window at the back, offering a delightful interaction point for customers and a ventilated operational area. On the left, the stand boasts modularity and an exterior breaker box, emphasizing easy transport and operational scope expansion. The front of the FlexHub features a sloped roof for enhanced weather protection and two recessed lights for a welcoming, illuminated entry.

The right side combines aesthetic appeal with functionality, featuring a stained glass entrance door, a viewing window for additional ventilation, and a floodlight for evening safety. Inside, the FlexHub includes wheel boxes with rotating and fixed castors for mobility, removable covers that double as service platforms, and a flexible electrical setup for various equipment needs. The FlexHub is not just a stand, but a dynamic platform for entrepreneurs to launch and grow their business ventures effectively.

Arc Havens FlexiHub Back

FlexHub Live

Original price was: $20,000.00.Current price is: $17,500.00.

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Price is FOB Bellingham. You can arrange your own shipping or send email for quote. 


We will need your exact destination address. Our quote will be to deliver the FlexHub Live to your destination at dock height roll off. 


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